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Hide Scintilla Control from SciLexer UDF - Solved


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Hello everyone,

Right now, I am working on a script that requires me to destroy the SciLexer control in my GUI. Unfortunately, the UDF doesnt seem to have a destory function, and it doesnt even mention how to destroy it. I know that on the page, people mention hiding it, but they didnt say how, and there isnt a function to do this either.

Does anbody know how to hide, or preferably, destroy the SciLexer control?


SciLexer UDF Topic


After taking a look at the Scintilla documentation, I have found that there is an ILexer object which can be used to "release", or destroy the lexer, but I dont know anything about objects, and I know that autoiIt is not object oriented. I also dont know whether this can be done with a DLL call (I dont know much about using DLL calls either, but I assume they call a specified function inside a DLL?).

Anway, I will not be able to write the code myself (Assuming it doesnt exist) without help, but does anybody have an idea how releasing the control may be acieved?

Thanks again.


Have you tried using WinSetState($sci, "", @SW_HIDE) ?

Solution thanks to Kip (The person who originally wrote the UDF) via inbox. Thanks Kip. Edited by Mikeman27294
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