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Need help with using paths of files...

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Hi guys,

here wo go again, i've got a problem with a - maybe simple - script i tried to create.

So i started with a gui just for testing the script. It has got 2 buttons like "Search files" and "Inject files".

The purpose of that script is to choose files and put their paths in a .dat file (and if its possible, it also would be good to show these chosen filepaths before you can press that button). It sounds so easy so i tried it yesterday. BUT... There are still some stuff I dont get... So I hope u could tell me how to do that, it'd very nice if u do so :)

Before i start to write my stuff, i write down all the usefull funcs i would need... So i wrote down some functions...

FileOpenDialog, to let the user choose the files

StringSplit, to split the files to the syntax of the .dat-file

FileGetShortName, to make the paths compatible to the .dat-file

Of course there are more needet, but these should be some of the most important...

The idea behind that: If you press the search files button, you can choose the files for that. Maybe there could be some kind of editbox where you can see what just has been chosen. If you press Inject, these stuff will be injected into that file.

The .dat-File Syntax:


The whole file has got just one line, there is no seperating of the paths, they're just input blank in that file like "C:\LALA~1\BOOWC:\LALA~1\MOOOWC:\LALA~1\DOOOW". I hope you know what i mean :evil:

Well, i know its not that easy, but i also know there are a big bunch of ppl here who can do that in 3 minutes :D So it would be really nice if u teach me that stuff.

Thanks in advanced :D

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