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Help clicking on a form button onclick="Login();"

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Hi all!

Been playing with autoscript for a while and even without a lot of knowledge in scripting/programming I'm managing to automate some stuff easily.

My problem now is that I have a login page where I need to input username/password in the respective forms, which is already done, and submit the form.

The problem is that the _IEFormSubmit does not work in this case, I think that's because there is javascript on the code (I am not even closer to experienced programmer so I maybe be saying something wrong)

Then I tried to simulate a click on the button with _IEAction but it's not working either ( _IEAction ($o_form, "click") )

Now I do not know what other options I have to send this form. Someone can help me out?

If needed I can post the code.


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Hi, troublie. Welcome to the forums. Posting your code is always a great idea. It will help us help you :)

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#include <file.au3>
#include <ie.au3>

Global $o_IE, $o_form, $line, $text, $temp, $user, $pass, $oInputs, $oInput

;navigating to login page
$o_IE = _IECreate()
_IENavigate ($o_IE, "link")
_IEImgClick ($o_IE, "link/templates/public/images/an3.jpg", "src")
;finishing navigating to login page

; read username:password
$file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "Login.txt")
If $file = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")
while 1
$line = FileReadLine ($file)
If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
  $text = $line
  $temp = StringSplit($text,':',1)
  $user = $temp[1]
  $pass = $temp[2]
; end reading username:password

$o_form = _IEFormGetObjByName ($o_IE, "FrmLogin")
$o_user = _IEFormElementGetObjByName ($o_form, "mail")
_IEFormElementSetValue ($o_user, $temp[1])
$o_passw = _IEFormElementGetObjByName ($o_form, "password")
_IEFormElementSetValue ($o_passw, $temp[2])

now I am stuck in this part of the code. I have to click in the button "Entrar" which is

<input onclick="Login();" type="submit" value="Entrar"/>

As you can see I have no id or name I tried a lot of things to select this button and send ENTER or select this button and click with _ieaction but none worked.

edit: I do not want to do this with mouse coordinates or pixel detection!

Edited by troublie
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thanks for the reply roshith.

it gave me this:

--> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Warning from function _IEFormElementGetObjByName, $_IEStatus_NoMatch

--> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IEAction, $_IEStatus_InvalidDataType

I'm trying to get past this the whole day and nothing yet. Reading some forum posts I saw something with the _IETagNameGetCollection, but It gave me errors too.

edit: if I add this to the end of the code

For $oInput In $oInputs
    MsgBox(0, "Form Input Type", "Form: " & $oInput.form.name & " Type: " & $oInput.type)
If $o_form.type = "submit" Then
_IEAction ($o_form, "click")

it returns to me 1st: FmrLogin Type: text

then 2nd: FmrLogin Type: password

then 3rd: FmrLogin Type: submit

What code can I use to try to select this button or click it that have a index option and also type option?

Already tried before with a command that I do not remember right now and it not returned me any error, but at the same time did not logged in succefully, so it did not work.

Edited by troublie
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Look at the _IEAction function in the help file. Dale Holmes provides a way to click a stubborn button. It has worked for me in the past.

Also, using _IEFormelementgetobjbyname does no good if there is no name property. You might try _IEgetobjbyid against the IE object.

Good Luck,


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