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List Of Variables

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Hi everybody. I was just wondering if anybody has a list of built in variables for AutoIt 2? I know the help file says that it can use Dos variables as well as some built in ones. Does anybody have a list somewhere of these variables? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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these are the build in ones: ( list from the helpfile)

AutoIt Variable Contains

A_OSTYPE The type of Operating System being run. Either "WIN32_WINDOWS" or "WIN32_NT".

A_OSVERSION "WIN_XP", "WIN_2000", "WIN_NT4", "WIN_95", "WIN_98", "WIN_ME".

A_SCRIPTNAME The current script name, e.g. "myscript.aut".

A_SCRIPTDIR The directory that the current script resides in.

A_SCRIPTFULLPATH The full pathname of the current script, e.g. "C:\Windows\Scripts\myscript.aut".

A_WORKINGDIR The current working directory.

A_NUMBATCHLINES The current setting of the "SetBatchLines" command.

A_SEC Seconds after the minute (00-59)

A_MIN Minutes after the hour (00-59)

A_HOUR Hours after midnight (00-23)

A_MDAY Day of the month (01-31)

A_MON Month of the year (01-12)

A_YEAR The current year (4 digit format, e.g. 2000)

A_WDAY Day of the week (1-7)

A_YDAY Day of the year (1-366)

All environment variables you can list by going into the command prompt and type SET

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I did see the ones in the help file. I didn't realize that you could find the dos variables that way. Thank you very much JdeB.

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