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Going nuts trying to run VolumeID.exe with parameters

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I will admit I am new at this but I can not seem to get this to run... and it is driving me nuts, I know I am missing something simple.

If I were to manually run this application I have to do a runas (administrator) on the command prompt and type:

c:\volumeid.exe c: 1234-1234

then close the command prompt.

I think it is launching the volumeid.exe application but not passing the c: 1234-1234 to it. The $volumeid is random at runtime but for the example I made it static. In the real coding by the time I get to part it is randomized. Thanks for your help in advance.

$volumeid = "1234-1234"

Local $sUserName = "Administrator"
Local $sPassword = "12345678"
Local $AppA = "c:\volumeid.exe c: "
Local $App =  $AppA & $volumeid
Local $pid = RunAsWait($sUserName, @ComputerName, $sPassword, 0, $App)

; Wait for the process to close.

MsgBox(64, "", "Successful VolumeID Change")

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Says in the help file that if you don't specify a working directory then @SystemDir will be used. I"m not sure if that will make a difference.

I think that is set in $AppA right? So the final non-variable result would be:

Local $pid = RunAsWait(Administrator, @ComputerName, 12345678, 0, C:volumeid.exe c: 1234-1234)

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RunAsWait ( "username", "domain", "password", logon_flag, "program" [, "workingdir" [, show_flag [, opt_flag]]] )

No, never mind, that couldn't be the problem. Carry on.

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