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AutoIt _Instead of Adobe Flash?

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Don't Post To Many "Don't use AutoIt - Learn another language" Type of Comments, I am just interested in knowing if Autoit is Capable of my Idea.

I want to make a Simple "Flash-Like" Game.

I have seen Game Projects with AutoIt on Youtube, and it got me interested.

The problem i have with Flash is how easy people can access it...AND i don't want to learn Flash atm because i have fun with AutoIt.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;This part is for explanatory Purposes ONLY ! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Inform me to Delete this if it violates the Sites Terms !

It took me 10min -> I Googled it, Downloaded the .SWF via with FireFox by Accessing the Page Info

(That Website Was Not Protecte)

Got a Decompiler, and Opened it.. Boom ! All Grapics, Sound Files the Flash "Timeline" for my Adobe Flash and the Code...


So that was fucked up! How Lame is it that your Average Joe can do that?

So that is one reason why i am not a big fan of flash.. The other is because i am Learning AutoIt atm. and don't want to change that :)

So how about i tell you about my project: ( i start out with it Simple, if it works, i will make it more advanced)

A Simple Point and Click Game.

So i need to include Background Picture on a Running window.

And i need to Run Animations (Or Mp4 Files) when the Window is Pressed at the correct Spot.

It should also have some Custom Buttons, that do, when Pressed - but that i know can be done in AutoIt

I guess i still need to make the Animations in Flash or make Mp4 Files.

(I have Both Adobe Flash and After Effects and Photoshop) And Know how to use the Photoshop and After Effect.

Yes ! I Suppose it is more complicated, and Less Powerfull than writing it in Flash, and i guess i would protect my flash game by not making the Page Info Accessible (Like on this Site)

But i would like to do this out of curiosity!

And with AutoIt i have actual fun programming, something i have never had before :)

(No hate intended :D My Website is done in Adobe Flash (By a Friend ;)))

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Anything is possible as long as you believe!!!!! Believing is MAGICK!

Seriously, AutoIt is not the go-to language [ED. pun not intended] if you want it to be completely safe from decompilation and the like.

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Anything is possible as long as you believe!!!!! Believing is MAGICK!

Seriously, AutoIt is not the go-to language [ED. pun not intended] if you want it to be completely safe from decompilation and the like.

I Suppose not :) But Not the Worse Either, Also ? ehm.. It's Possible ?

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Well, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. Just keep it simple. Receive advanced parameters from GUIGetMsg and use that to determine if the user clicked in the correct range of pixels? You could probably do the same in QuickBasic. QuickBasic seems really advanced these days. It even incorporates OOP concepts!

I think someone wrote a flash UDF somewhere in the example scripts forum.

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well i can hardly think that he will do next skyrim solo and in autoit

but as i stated before i do think that something like pirates of caribbean online is double in autoit with help of irrlicht of course

edit: (i finaly finded another way to fix text font problem on xeffect yesterday) that reminded me that i'll probably post updated version with xeffect and bumpmaping of my ship that i'm playing with soon and reupload youtube video (for the users whos graphic cards cant render xeffect :) ), and if anyone dont minde il add new post heare when i get home today or tomoro early in the morning with SS so that everyone can see how something can look cool even if your not so good at painting ;)

Posted Image

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TCP server and client - Learning about TCP servers and clients connection
Au3 oIrrlicht - Irrlicht project
Au3impact - Another 3D DLL game engine for autoit. (3impact 3Drad related)

There are those that believe that the perfect heist lies in the preparation.
Some say that it’s all in the timing, seizing the right opportunity. Others even say it’s the ability to leave no trace behind, be a ghost.


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