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EzMySql workaround for MySQL 5.5 on Win 7 x64

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I installed MySql 5.5 x64, Autoit 3.3.8 x64 on my Win 7 64-bit PC and downloaded EzMySql_dll.au3, EzMySql.au3 and the example program. I edited the example with the appropriate MySql dir,

_EzMySql_Startup("C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\lib")

When I ran it, it failed with:

Error: 1

Error string: 0

But it worked with the following (and created libmySQL_x64.dll in the script dir):


To make it work both ways, I modified EzMySql.au3 with:

If @AutoItX64 = 0 Then

$sDll_Filename = "libmysql.dll"


;$sDll_Filename = "libmySQL_x64.dll" ;this does not work so commented out

$sDll_Filename = "libmysql.dll" ;workaround for 64-bit MySql


Now the example program works perfectly. Perhaps the author could include this fix in the next release?

For simple access to MySql, this UDF is great!

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