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SendTo Clipboard As Name (email-friendly)

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Send To Clipboard as Name (email-friendly)

Ben Shepherd, 18 July 2005


0. Compile the .au3 to an executable (I was going to attach it to this message because I had a nice little clipboard icon for it, but the forum doesn't allow it).

1. Place this executable in a folder on your hard drive (C:\Program Files\ is probably best).

2. Create a shortcut to the program in your SendTo menu (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\SendTo\).

3. Select one or more files in Windows Explorer. Right-click on them and click 'Send To' -> 'Clipboard as Name (email-friendly). The fully-qualified path names of the files will be placed on the clipboard, surrounded by chevrons <like this>. This is especially useful for sending people links to files on the network, of the form <\\server\share\>. When pasted into an email, the filenames will appear as clickable links in Outlook. Bob's your uncle!


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