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Hey guys -

I am trying to uninstall a program that uses MSI and I am using the WinWaitActive function to wait for the window that asks to reboot so I can say No, Dont Reboot. But when the MSI loads to uninstall the program, that window has the same name as the window that asks to reboot the computer. Is there anyway around this??


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Isn't there some unique text on the reboot window ... something like the word "Reboot" ?

You can test for that in the 2nd parameter....

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or you can use a risker method and have AutoIt select "No,Dont Reboot" with a mouse click.

if the window pops up in the same place everytime you could have AutoIt wait untill the pixels change color where the window pops up and then click "No"

but i wouldnt suggest this, this is only if you cant use WinWaitActive function.

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