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How to auto turn on MozRepl on startup..

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Hope this is in the right place as I saw no other topic area that appeared ok. I am using FF.au3 to program Firefox which requires MozRepl to be activated. I did the drop down Tools, MozRepl, Activate on Start Up, but each time I run I had to do Tools, Mozrepl and Start. Which means it requires me to manually activate each time as the "Activate on start up does not seem to work. I even tried turning on "Allow Outside connections to no avail. Is there a way to command MozRepl to activate in the .au3 program when the _FFStart command is given?

More info: Just for info, the entry "Activate on Startup" remains checked, but seems not to be working as each time I must manually activate the MozRepl on each run.


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