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read script version from my script

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Hi all,

i need your advice or idea how can i create auto update to my script.

my big problem is how to create and read version number from compiled script.

i tried use get version function but it always return the autoit version (which always the same...)

using the version in script name can work (i.e my_script_1.0.1.exe) but im looking for more elegant way.

can I push version or number to compilation description or something like that? (then use get version from auto it)


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both methods return me the autoit version ( 3.3.X.X)

however after playing with compilation advance options i succeed to push product number to file properties. (it also can be seen from windows file properties )

now when i use FileGetVerion(@ScriptFullPath)

i get the right number i pushed, and can compare it.


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Here is my solution for automatic update of my programs.

Perhaps you might do something like this.

; _Softwareupdate UDF include file      by Forumer100
; Example:
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion_AutoIncrement=Y ;P
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_After=%scriptfile%.exe SoftwareUpdate
#include '_SoftwareUpdate.au3'
_SoftwareUpdate('O:\Data\Homepage\forumer\ftp\software\', 'HTTP://MyDomain.de/forumer/ftp/software/')
; insert your working code here
; please copy %scriptfile%.exe and %scriptfile%.exe.ini to remote HTTP server after compile.
Func _SoftwareUpdate($LocalServerURL, $RemoteServerURL)
If Not @Compiled Then Return SetError(100)
Local $EXE = @ScriptName
Local $INI = @ScriptName & ".ini"
If StringInStr($CmdLineRaw, "SoftwareUpdate") Then
  IniWrite($INI, "SoftwareUpdate", "Version", FileGetVersion($EXE, "FileVersion"))
  IniWrite($INI, "SoftwareUpdate", "Timestamp", FileGetTime($EXE, 0, 1))
  FileCopy($EXE, $LocalServerURL & $EXE, 1)
  FileCopy($INI, $LocalServerURL & $INI, 1)
  Exit Beep(440, 200)
$ahost = StringSplit($RemoteServerURL, "://", 1)
If IsArray($ahost) Then $ahost = StringSplit($ahost[2], "/")
If @error Then Return SetError(100 + @error)
For $i = 1 To 10
  If Not Ping($ahost[1]) Then ContinueLoop
If @error Then Return SetError(100 + @error)
If InetGet($RemoteServerURL & $INI, $INI, 1) = 0 Then
  Return SetError(105); Download failed
$ServerTimeStamp = IniRead($INI, "SoftwareUpdate", "Timestamp", "0")
$ServerVersion = IniRead($INI, "SoftwareUpdate", "Version", "")
If $ServerTimeStamp = "0" Then Return SetError(109)
$LocalVersion = FileGetVersion($EXE, "FileVersion")
If String($LocalVersion) = String($ServerVersion) Then Return 0 ; no new version
If InetGet($RemoteServerURL & $EXE, $EXE & ".new", 1) = 0 Then
  FileDelete($EXE & ".new")
  Return SetError(110); Download failed
$rc1 = FileMove($EXE, $EXE & ".old", 1)
$rc2 = FileMove($EXE & ".new", $EXE, 1)
Run(@ComSpec & " /c PING -n 3 && DEL  """ & $EXE & ".old""", "", @SW_HIDE)
Exit Run($EXE & " " & $CmdLineRaw)
EndFunc   ;==>_SoftwareUpdate

Don't forget to copy the two files to the HTTP server after compile.


App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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