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How to Make the SkypeControlAPIDiscover WindowMessage to Stop?

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I am trying to Automate some application, using Window Messages.

For this, I am using Spy++, to capture what Wndow Messages are sent, when the operation that I want is being called.

There is only 1 problem, that interferes:

While using Spy++ to intercept the messages,

the result list is constantly filled with a certain window message called: SkypeControlAPIDiscover

Interestingly, my skype is not even running..

Anyone knows how to make it stop?

Thank you


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Does Skype run at system start? Use a tool from MS called "Autoruns" to find out what is running at startup. Also, use "ProcessExplorer" from the same source to see what is really running on your system. Apologies if you know all of this already...


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I've seen that Skype API broadcast message in WinSpector Spy.

I think it originates from Skype app plugins.

If you have skype apps installed, try closing, uninstalling them or unchecking their run at startup option.

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Hi kylomas

Sky is not running at Windows start.

However, rover mayb have found the problem.

I do have a USB Skype Hendset, by a brand called IPEVO..

So it might be due to it..

I cannot uninstall it, since I use it and need it.

So it means I am stuck with this broadcast?

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