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drag and drop to explorer except itself?


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Thanks to ProgAndy's udf it's really amazing. But here is the problem. When I drag an item from a listview and release the left mouse button within the listview control(or within the app's main window), a message says 'Copy'.

Now I would like the progress cancel the dragdrop action if the drop location is the app itself,or just shield the COPY message since it's obviously wrong.

I've tried to add a function ,which make sure the window under the cursor is not the app itself, before the message shows.

Func _WindowGetHovered()
Local $h_Struct = DllStructCreate($tagPoint)
DllStructSetData($h_Struct, "x", MouseGetPos(0))
DllStructSetData($h_Struct, "y", MouseGetPos(1))
    Local $h_wnd = _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint($h_Struct)
Local $res=_WinAPI_GetParent($h_wnd)
    Return $res

But it doesn't work fine :) I even don't know why I can't get the right handle of currect cursor location. Anyone can help me

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