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This newbie needs help with an editable drop-down list. The drop-down contains a list of dates. I need to select the last date in the list. The number of entries in the list will vary.

I have tried :

ControlSetText ("Points by Clubber options","", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "9/7/2011")

and the new data (9/7/2011) does replace the date showing in the control - BUT - the new date is not actually used - it has no effect. (This wouldn’t really a good solution anyway as it requires me to know the last date in the list)

I have also tried CommandControl EditPaste but that creates the string “9/7/20112/8/2012" because 2/8/2012 was the date showing before the EditPaste

I have tried some of the other commands without success.

How can I set this control to the last date in the list?

Many thanks for any help.

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Thanks - I'll try that - but as I said, I'm a newbie

What is the wrapper and what do all the parameters do - can you point me to documentation?

I also notice that you are saying calss ComboBox, but AutoIt Window Info says it is an Edit.

Will this work for an edit?


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WOW - Thanks for all of the help. I understood each line the first code you sent, it just didn't work because I was pointing AutoIt Window Info to the edit box rather than the arrow. It is indeed a ComboBox, Instance 2. When I use the exact code you provided except changing the instance to 2 it works great. Thanks so much.

I'm glad I needed to ask that question because I learned a lot more in the process.

Thanks again.

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