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Has anyone done a script to install Simply accounting 2012?

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I dont think you will get any replys since this is a specific task and not everyone ever done a script in AutoIt will wait on the forums until someone need help with exact their solved task :) at least not in a couple of days

It would be better to ask where you have problems with your code, what exactly doesnt work or what you need help with.

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I see you have posts all over the internet about this, @ sage and msdn and others, maybe you should be doing this from sage

  • Start the Installation Wizard:

    • If you have a Sage Simply Accounting CD, insert this in your CD drive.
    • If you have downloaded Sage Simply Accounting from our website, please double-click on the .exe file.
  • Select your preferred language for installation and click OK. Then click Install Sage Simply Accounting.
  • Select your preferred language for Sage Simply Accounting, then click OK.
  • You will be asked "Will you use Sage Simply Accounting on this computer?". Select Yes, then click Next.
  • Your product Serial Number is located in your CD case. Choose I have a serial number, enter your serial number, then click Next. If you are not able to locate this serial number, please retrieve it from the Sage Customer Portal.
  • Read the license agreement then click I Agree.
  • If you use Windows Firewall, you will be asked to have your firewall automatically configured. Click Yes (recommended) then click Next.
  • If your computer has additional firewall software running, you will be presented with a list of Sage Simply Accounting files which you must allow or unblock for Sage Simply Accounting to run properly. Configure your firewall to allow these files and click Next when ready.
  • Click Next to install Sage Simply Accounting in the default location.
  • You will then be asked to select the installation type. Select Typical: Install the most common features (Recommended) then click Next.
  • Review your installation choices and click Install.

You can use Sage Simply Accounting up to 15 days without activation. You must activate by the 15th day to continue using the software.

By the look of it you will need to configure firewall properly as well

And trying to automate the button presses to speed the process up

There appears to be no silent switches for the program that i can see

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Try some experiments.

Try running the install with /silent, /quiet, -s, etc after the executable. Such as:

ShellExecute("[PathToYourInstaller.exe]", "/silent")

Just keep trying those, and see what sticks (if anything). Most installers that are made from third party installer generators (such as InstallShield) have silent switches.

If it's an MSI installer, you're definitely in luck; MSI installers all have built in switches.

Good luck!

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