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SOLVED! All messed up, need simple help.

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I have a script with more than 5000 thousand lines of code (yes, i'm sure i could slim it down, but i'm a n00bish)

I've got more than one GUI and lots of functions, and everything is working so far, but...

Now i'm trying to put a password script in the beginning of that huge code. If the password is correct, it should go to the GUI and show it.

How can i point to the beginning of the GUI if i have tons of functions and other GUIs in it? Is this possible, or do i need a specific function for the GUIs?

I know i can't have functions inside functions...

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you should probably post a code snippet to the areas you want to adjust/add to. Makes it easier for someone to help.

also... how the hell did you write 5k lines of code and not know what you're doing :oops:


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Ok, let's try to write some example code...

While 1
$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nMsg
Case $ButtonCancel
Case $ButtonOk
$Hash=IniRead($HashFile, GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck), "Hash", "")
$UserExists=IniReadSection($HashFile, GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck))
If $UsernameCheck<>"" And $UserExists<>"" And _Crypt_HashData(GUICtrlRead($PasswordCheck),$CALG_MD5)=$HashTrimmed Then
Global $FirstUserNameFind = StringInStr(IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\data\config.ini", GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck), "Nome", ""), " ")
Global $FirstUserNameResult = StringLeft(IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\data\config.ini", GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck), "Nome", ""), $FirstUserNameFind)
Global $FullUserNameFind = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\data\config.ini", GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck), "Nome", "")
Global $UserQualif=GUICtrlRead($UsernameCheck)
GUICtrlSetState($AcessDeniedLabel, $GUI_HIDE)
GUICtrlSetState($AcessGrantedLabel, $GUI_SHOW)
-------------------------------------------------------How do i point to the GUI here if i can't use more funcs?
ElseIf $UserExists="" OR _Crypt_HashData(GUICtrlRead($PasswordCheck),$CALG_MD5)<>$Hash Then
GUICtrlSetState($AcessDeniedLabel, $GUI_SHOW)
GUICtrlSetState($AcessDeniedLabel, $GUI_HIDE)

Lots of funcs here...

Here some GUI elements change.
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Hi, Telmob. So put in a Function like this:

Func _mypw()

$pw = "mypw"
$input = InputBox("My Script Name", "Please enter a password", "", "*")
If $pw <> $input Then


And then call the function on your first line:

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