After I get the problem with language selection, see other help post. I will be in need of a programmer,... to do the following One of my hobbies is having a movie collection (NMT , Popcorn Hour), and I use YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) for displaying those movies on my TV, and being able to select them (movie wall with 24 movies displayed per wall) and then play them. There are about 10 popular skins used for this, each displaying the movies in a slightly different manner on the TV screen. This is done via simple settings.xml files ..each with about 20 variables or so. ala ...<indexMOVIE>movie1</indexMOVIE> Right now, the user must "edit" these settings.xml files,/... make manual entries for how the movie-wall is displayed .,,, # of columns x # of rows., and how the movie details page is displayed, .etc ... then save this file, and then run The YAMJ. What I would like to do is have an Autoit program, ... bring up a window,.. with tabs across the top, one of each of the different skins, then on each tab are the available options .. which the user selects,.. then press SAVE and that skins.xml file is saved in the correct place,,, There also would be another tab for the MAIN YAMJ options as well, and a RUN button, to run teh YAMJ, producing the jukebox, that's displayed on the TV. I think having a program like this would make using,viewing, and selecting ones movies on the TV, much more enjoyable, by having an easy-to-run program fro selecting the different variables. I wouldn't charge for it,... just a freebie, for the NMT community - Here's few videos showing these various "skins" and what they look like. YAMJ/Eversion/evZap!/Legions Overlays(You Tube Video Part 1) YAMJ/Eversion/evZap!/Legions Overlays(You Tube Video Part 2) YAMJ/Eversion/evZap!/Legions Overlays(You Tube Video Part 3) YAMJ/Eversion/evZap!/Legions Overlays(You Tube Video Part 4 Filmography!) You Tube Video Part5 Legion2 overlay!!! You Tube Video Part 6 Legion4 overlay Again, looking for a seasoned expert,... willing to pay your price,... and willing to pay 50% up front,... the rest when finished,... job should be no more than one week to completion. email me, or PM ,,, for more info , etc ... aks @ thanks Allen