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I can attach to a word document using the search text and file name modes in a test environment (just to see if it works).

However, I only know the file handle (which I get from WinList) and I know the title. Using the handle and Title modes just wont work.

$WordApp = _WordAttach ("Doc text, "Text")----------------> this works, cant use it

$WordApp = _WordAttach ("Doc22.doc", "FileName")-----> this works, cant use it

$WordApp = _WordAttach ("0x001B0402", "HWND")-------> No Go!!!!!

$WordApp = _WordAttach ("Titlebar text", "Title")----------> No Go!!!!!

Thanks for any help

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Change the "My Doc" test in here to match your doc name and see if it works...

#include <Array.au3>
#include <Word.au3>

$list = winlist()

For $x = 1 to $list[0][0]
    If $list[$x][0] = "My Doc - Microsoft Word" Then
        $handle = $list[$x][1] ; My Doc.doc is open at runtime
$oWord = _WordAttach($handle, "HWND")
If IsObj($oWord) then MsgBox(0,"","Success!")

If it does not, then post the code you're testing with, and tell us what OS and version of Office you're running, and I'm sure someone will fix you up.

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