Hello, I am trying to make a script that automaticallly scans for registry issues and fixes them but i'm stuck, if i want the script to fix the issues it clicks on the 'fix selected issues' button but then a new window pops up with only window class information and it can't find the control buttons (control info says that the whole window is Class: Static and instance: 4). #requireadmin Run("programs\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /registry") WinWaitActive("Piriform CCleaner") WinActivate("Piriform CCleaner") Controlclick("Piriform CCleaner", "", "[CLASSNN:Button2]") WinWaitActive("[CLASSNN:Button3]") While Not ControlCommand("Piriform CCleaner", "&Fix selected issues", "[CLASSNN:Button3]", "IsEnabled") Sleep(5000) WEnd If ControlCommand("Piriform CCleaner", "", "[CLASSNN:Button3]", "IsEnabled") Then ControlClick("Piriform CCleaner", "", "[CLASSNN:Button3]") $title = "[CLASS:#32770]" $fix = "Fix all Issues" WinWait($title, $fix) ControlCommand($title, $fix, "[CLASSNN:Static4]") While ControlCommand($title, $fix, "[CLASSNN:Static4]", "IsEnabled") Sleep(10) WEnd ControlClick($title, $fix, "[CLASSNN:Static5]") EndIf WinClose("Piriform CCleaner") Sleep(1000) Can you guys help me with this?