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[..] Multithreading with GLFW

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Hi every body!

I have a small questions to the C pros befor I go making something long and boring:

I am creating a wrapper to GLFW, all OpenGL related stuff works well (creating a window, loading textures...), so it's good for this (PS: i'm gonna post it when i'm done)

But, GLFW has some multithreading functions (see the doc) and i just wanna know il AutoIt will be capable of getting these functions to work? I mean, introducing Multithreading to AutoIt!!! :oops:

I wanna know this befor making the wrappers, and find my self lost precious time!

Thanks for answering!

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You can get the functions to work but if you use them with a DLLCallback, AutoIt will crash since the interpreter is not threadsafe. The limitations are the same when using the Windows Thread API directly. GLFW only introduces another level of abstraction for OS independence (same function for Win, Linux, ...)

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