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Hi everybody!

Today, is for me the culmination of a long quest: to be able to load and display an OpenGL texture

And I'ts finally done! (PS: Thanks to my recent learning of the Python language, and the fact that I came back to C/C++)

In the archive:

- A wrapper for OpenGL and GLU (almost all basic functions are written and tested)

- A wrapper for GLFW (All functions that are needed are written, and the others (timer,threading, image loading) we don't really need them, either because they are implemented natively in AutoIt (Timers), or because they are more effective in: SOIL)

- A wrapper for SOIL (Simple OpenGL Image Library): Most functions are translated (for the others, I will wait my skils to grow a little!) This is the library that allowed me to achieve my quest (loading textures)!

- And some examples!

I hope you enjoy it!

PS: the functions used in the examples work fine, others were not tested, if you find bugs, you know where to find me!

PS: it is necessary to know at least the basics of OpenGL to understand what happens in the examples!

PS: I included the documentation of GLFW (pdf)

Important: In order to the examples to work, you must place the dlls (soil.dll, glfw.dll) in the examples folder, or in c:WindowsSystem32

Important 2: The dlls are x86, don't expect them to work on x64


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Hmm... I was unable to get it to work properly :oops:

It would start and exit instantly, printing some debug info in the console about frame rate and such, so I assume it was failing to start up OpenGL stuff. I'm using Windows 7 x64, but I tried running the examples as both x86 and x64, same result.

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Same for me :/

Running with Windows XP SP3

Times (in ms):
Average _glClear time: 0
Average Draws time: 0
Average _glfwSwapBuffers time: 0
Average FPS: 0

Br, FireFox.

Edited by FireFox
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Al works great for me. 

I am new on this forum, but experienced in Autoit scripting,.

i love opengl in c++ and WEBGL XD

I was needed opengl in autoit on industrial grade machine in my work,

i promise my help in library growing, and developing this one udf, i will and want wnd wish (www) to help

Because This is Grteat wrapper i see right now xD

google works so fine XD

My first post on this forum so XD

ConsoleWrite("Hello All Once Again xD")


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