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Full Recognition of ActiveX control's Properties and Methods

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[Please forgive me if my question is "not good" - I'm Auto-IT newbie]

These days I'm inspecting moving to Auto-IT from QTP.

One of the strongest abilities of QTP is the fact you can point ActiveX UI object, and it retrieves all its methods, properties and values.

This is done in QTP by loading specified add on supporting the UI technology. After loading the add-on the object's data is given by QTP out-of-the-box.

After inspecting Auto-IT from a high level, Goggling around and running a short POC, I failed to get the properties of old ActiveX UI control (VSFlexGrid version 7 to be more specific) which getting its properties is mandatory in order to move to Auto-IT.

I could not get any other ActiveX UI control properties either.

Is there a way to do so from Auto-IT?

Are there any references explaining how to implement this functionality?

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