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Radio Button Checked in Seperate Window

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I have created two AutoIt files for the following reasons. The first file will take data from excel file and do a search in internet explorer causing a pop up window. This window pauses the script that executed the command. I created a second script to manipulate data in the pop up window. Both of these scripts work fine. I created a GUI with 10 radio buttons, and an drag and drop input to allow me to choose the correct instance of IE to open and manipulate. The GUI works fine on my main script. My problem is trying to access which radio button is checked on my second script. I have successfully accessed the input text file, but it seems with GUICtrlGetState or GUICtrlRead you need a control ID where the script has generated the GUI. In my case the script hasn't generated the GUI and I just need to see if a button is checked. I used AutoIT Window Tool to get the Control ID but nothing happens, because I'm pretty sure I'm not telling AutoIT which window to search for. I'm sure this is very simple, and am missing something, any suggestions?

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I'm not sure if you can use guictrlread to retreive the data you need, but I used the control functions(In my test I used a edit box and the function controlgettext).

I can't do much if I can't see the source.

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