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Need a clarification on _IEFormGetCollection and similar

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Hi everyone,

Would like a clarification on IE.au3 functions _IEFormGetCollection, _IEFormElementGetCollection and all the relative functions.

In particular I would like to know these 2.

From help file:


Returns a collection object variable representing the Forms in the document or a single form by index.

Staying simple, it returns kinda an array containing all forms in the page?

And, what it's intended for "form"? How a form is "delimited" in a page?

For example, in a page like this:

Posted Image

What should I expect? A collection of 3 items?

For example making it

$FormColl=_IeFormElementCollection ($oIE,0)
;Where $oIE is the webpage above

Will FormColl become an object containing the first form or what???

Or an array containing forms?


Local $oFormUser=_IEFormElementGetCollection ($FormColl,0)
Local $oFormPass=_IEFormElementGetCollection ($FormColl,1)

Should get the first and second field of the form? (With "get" i mean they'll catch a reference to it so i can set,type in, delete values on it and more)

Also, calling

_IEFormElementGetCollection ($FormColl,2)
Will get the login button?

Hoping to have been clear, i look forward for your replies.

PS: Anyone have some code examples or tutorials on the IE.au3 functions?

THank you.

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