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Accessing Win_7 DirectUIHWND like SysListView32

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I had a working application on multiple XP/Vista systems which I was trying to run on Win_7.

Using references pfovided by Ascend4nt and code provided by Ascend4nt, KaFu, and klaus.s (see ) [thanks again to all!] I was able to get just enough of the application to work with DirectUIHWND - albeit somewhat inelegantly - while learning something about objects and a little about the shell.

Now, however, the scope of the task has changed and I am sorely feeling the [apparent] lack of some SysListView32 methods that I had taken for granted would be available somewhere in the DirectUIHWND environment - but have not been able to find.

The clearest example is the "FindItemWithText()" method - implemented in ControlListView() as the "FindItem" 'command'.


1. I was prepared to emulate that method on DirectUIHWND using only the primitive methods in the sample code, but before slogging through such a brute force attack [iterating a FolderItems collection, applying ParseName(), etc.] I was hoping that someone might suggest a less tedious/crude solution.

2. Since writing the previous paragraph and - luckily - before I actually started trying to grind out the code, I was cautiously excited to find the IFolderViewOptions interface, which has Get/Set methods to manpulate the FOLDERVIEWOPTIONS enumeration

  FVO_DEFAULT            = 0x00000000,
  FVO_VISTALAYOUT        = 0x00000001,
  FVO_CUSTOMPOSITION      = 0x00000002,
  FVO_CUSTOMORDERING      = 0x00000004,
  FVO_NOANIMATIONS      = 0x00000010,
  FVO_NOSCROLLTIPS      = 0x00000020

The item in that list of interest to me in solving my problem is FVO_VISTALAYOUT (Use the Windows Vista list view). If that works as I hope, I will be back in the land of SysListView32 - and as the old joke goes, I have already solved that case.


1. Can anyone tell me whether there is an obvious [to everyone but me] simpler approach - possibly using a different object reference or even an existing DirectUIHWND method that I have missed?

2a. Assuming that I have a shell object pointing to a window displaying the desired folder, would this

$rtn = $oShellToFilelist.IfolderViewOptions.SetFolderViewOptions(1,1)
do what I want? [i may be missing a qualification level and I'm not at all sure of the format of the parameters (must I use an array or struct?)].

2b. Can that be done on the fly? Or do I have to do it when the window is created? If on the fly, do I have to refresh the window for it to take effect? [My apologies for asking these three questions - I don't have a Win_7 system on which to test.]

3. [related but strictly-speaking not on topic for this forum] I gather that there is some sort of "compatibility" setting on Win_7. Is it possible that marking my .exe on the Win_7 system in some way as requiring Vista-compatibility would make this problem go away with no programming on my part?

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