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SetSwapEx - Paging file setting

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This script is designed for WinPE as a flexible and versatile solution to automatically install the swap, which has several advantages over similar products.Later it was upgraded to compatibility with conventional operating systems.

SetSwapEx works great on any modern Windows OS (x86 and x64), since Windows XP. Has full functionality of standard virtual memory manager, allows to set paging on virtual or RAM-disks, and, of course, supports command line options.


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G'day SIL

I tried your prgram but there are a few errors.

P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3(17,24) : WARNING: $cmd: possibly used before declaration.
  _SetPageFile($cmd[1] &
P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3(301,14) : WARNING: $MT: possibly used before declaration.
     $i = $MT
P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3(302,18) : WARNING: $DF: possibly used before declaration.
     If $i > $DF Then
P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3(301,14) : ERROR: $MT: undeclared global variable.
     $i = $MT
P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3(302,18) : ERROR: $DF: undeclared global variable.
     If $i > $DF Then
P:Autoit_Projects_OtherssetSwapFilesSetSwapEx.AU3 - 2 error(s), 3 warning(s)

Other than that it looks like it is a good bit of code. ;)

John Morrison

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Sory, i can't modify the first message to attach new files...

New version. Works with Autoit v.3.2.x.x and Autoit v.3.3.x.x

Internal autoit compiller compiled script with no errors, but AU3Check will show an error massage:

N:\bartpe\PLUGIN\2_BASE\SetSwapEx\Files\SetSwapEx.AU3(28,20) : ERROR: undefined macro.
If @ProcessorArch =

Its NORMAL! Just press "Continue anyway". In runtime mode script is avoided this error:

; Since Autoit v3.3.0.0 used @OSArch macro instead @ProcessorArch
If StringCompare(StringLeft(@AutoItVersion, 3), "3.3") < 0 Then
  If @ProcessorArch = 'X64' Then $PFMAX = 16777215; for old AutoIt version
  If @OSArch = 'X64' Then $PFMAX = 16777215


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