All, please be aware that I am no longer updating this project. Because of three reasons really: 1. Because IDM keep changing how UE and UEStudio works with each new version. I spend more and more time just keeping working. 2. I have reached the limits of what I can add to UE and UEStudio. 3. I have added most of the functionality that I wanted in UE/UEStudio into my AutoIt Debugger. I really have no incentive to continue developing this. -------------------------------------------------------------- First off, let me say that I know about SciTE. I have it installed for all the cool tools it offers, but I prefer using UltraEdit/UEStudio over SciTE (personal choice I guess). Here is a set of scripts that extend UltrEdit/UEStudio so that it provides a set of features similar to those offered in SciTE. Currently implemented: 1) Creates an 'Edit with UltraEdit' and/or 'Edit with UEStudio' context menu when you right click a .au3 file in Win Explorer. These perform a file cleanup on the project before openning it. 2) Includes an UltraEdit/UEStudio project file that contains a toolbar with links to the AutoIt Run, CodeWizard, Context Checker, GUIBuilder, AutoIt Tidy, Compile with Options and Koda Form Designer functions. 3) Automatically adds/removes the project toolbar into UltraEdit (currently have to configure by hand). 4) Includes a set of icons for the UltraEdit toolbar. 5) Includes a function to convert an existing UEdit/UEStudio project file and convert it to an AutoIt4UEdit project (with icons and functions). 6) All packaged in an installer so that it is easy to setup UltraEdit/UEStudio for AutoIt. 7) Help file (very basic at the moment). 8) Wordfile install/uninstall (updated to AutoIt v3.2.1.13). 9) Taglist feature (allow quick insertion of AutoIt Functions, Macros and Statements). 10) Function Tooltip feature (see screenshot below). Here is a screenshot of the new toolbar in UEdit/UEStudio: Here is a screenshot of the Taglist addition: Here is a screenshot of the Function Tooltip: Installation Instructions: 1) Install SciTE. 2) Download zip from the link. 3) Unzip and run the installer. 4) An AutoIt4UE folder should appear under the AutoIt folder under the Start menu. 5) Remove through Add/Remove Programs or through the Start menu. Usage: 1) For single au3 file usage, right click the au3 file in Win Explorer and click 'Edit with...'. 2) For multiple au3 file usage, convert a new or existing prj file to work with AutoIt4UE by using the Start menu conversion script. If you have implemented anything that you think should be included, or have any requests, or have done something even better, please let me know. Here is a website for more details and for downloading: AutoIt4UE Webpage