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Koda Updown for Listbox

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#Include <GuiScrollBars.au3>

_GUIScrollBars_ShowScrollBar($hWnd, $nBar[, $fShow = True])

Won't work. Alway fails at $nBar. ($SB_BOTH, $SB_CTL, $hWnd, $SB_HORZ, $SB_VERT)

A button with a picture in it isn't a neat solution.

Is it possible to sort it with drag and drop?

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It's ListView and not ListBox. It's diferent kind (ClassName) of control with diferent functionality.

This thread was up to now about ListBox.

Anyway if you are satisfied with it then no problem.

Year, you are right.

First i used listbox but then i switched to listview ;)

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