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I know there has to be a way to turn the below code into 1 function, but it's been a long day and I am not seeing it. Pointers, anyone?

For $item in x($sConf&'.Config.Branch')
    $Branch = $Branch & $item & "|"

$Branch = StringTrimRight($Branch, 1)

For $item in x($sConf&'.Config.Type')
    $Type = $Type & $item & "|"

$Type = StringTrimRight($Type, 1)

For $item in x($sConf&'.Config.Options')
    $Options = $Options & $item & "|"

$Options = StringTrimRight($Options, 1)
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Well, after pounding my head against a wall for a while, I figured out a way to do it. It might not be the most elegant way, but it works. ;)

Local $BranchData, $TypeData, $OptionsData
Dim $foo[3] = ["Branch", "Type", "Options"]
Local $tempvar
For $item in $foo
    Assign("tempvar", $item)
    For $entry in  x($sConf&'.Config.'&$tempvar)
        Assign($tempvar, $entry)
            Case $tempvar = "Branch"
                $BranchData = $BranchData & $entry & "|"
            Case $tempvar = "Type"
                $TypeData = $TypeData & $entry & "|"
            Case $tempvar = "Options"
                $OptionsData = $OptionsData & $entry & "|"
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Quick example assuming both variables are locals...

_FunctionXYZ($sConf, $Branch)
_FunctionXYZ($sConf, $Type)
_FunctionXYZ($sConf, $Options)

Func _FunctionXYZ($parameter1, $parameter2)
    For $item in x($parameter1 & '.Config.Options')
        $parameter2 = $parameter2 & $item & "|"

    $parameter2 = StringTrimRight($parameter2, 1)
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If you first add the AutoIt Code tags to your post and then paste the code between them afterwards, the formatting is not corrupted.

It is for me. I have tried manually typing in the code tags and I have clicked the AutoIT button. When I click the AutoIT button and paste the code in the the popup dialog, it looks correct. However, when I submit the code, the formatting is all f*'d up. And I am pasting directly from Scite.

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Here's how I usually do: don't use the AutoIt button, instead write the tags yourself, toggle editing mode and then paste the code between the tags.

Tabs are still turned to spaces for some bloody reason but you can use Tidy to fix that for you when you copy code from the forum.

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