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Hello AutoIT

Lately i've been playing lots of Diablo 3 and already after a few days I'm frustrated that i always forgot where the caves for my missions lies along the map. It's really annoying and I'm wasting lots of important time trying to find them again.

So i thought, why not ask this wonderful forum for solution to my pains?

Got a really good idea in my mind that i would like to share, I'm not sure if its possible to create in AutoIT but i hope you guys can help me!

So basicly my idea is to capture the Diablo 3 window and save the picture as "$QUESTNAME" (<i hope you understood what i meant with that line)

So it would work like this :

When you click on a specific key it'll capture your diablo 3's window and save it to a desired location on your computer and save the picture with the name of the quest.

So the script have to somehow get the name of the quest, this is my hardest problem and i'm started to wonder if its even possible..?

If you don't understand don't hesitate to PM or write a reply and i will do my best to explain this more detailed!

To those who don't know how quest name looks :

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