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Placing images outside window bounderies?

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The attached image is part of a GUI interface that contains a window setup with a background picture image of a bunch of hexes. I'm using the following script to attempt to place little orange 'plus signs' centered within each hex in the window. My problem is that only the first column of 'visible' (within the window area) hexes are being populated with the 'plus signs' (can be seen in the attached image)...the entire image with the hexes should have one orange 'plus sign' in each hex (a total of 2585 because there are 55 'COLUMNS' and 47 'ROWS' of hexes)...any ideas appreciated as to why it is not populating all the hexes...? Thank you in advance.

NOTE: The window containing the 'hex map' is 768 x 576, while the background image (the 'hexes') is 2048 x 2048 pixels...

Global $MapWidth = 768
Global $MapHeight = 576
Global $BEACON[2585] ;55 'COLUMNS' * 47 'ROWS'
Global $MapFile2 = "C:\Program Files\AppX\Maps\MapX.jpg"
Func Map_Window()

Global $MapBack = GUICreate("", $MapWidth, $MapHeight, 0, 28, $WS_CHILD, -1, $MainGUI)

; background picture
$TheMap = GUICtrlCreatePic($MapFile2, 0, 0, 2048, 2048, -1, $WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE)

Local $MAP_COLUMNS = 55
Local $MARK_COUNT = 1
Local $MARK_mover = 1 ;determine "odd" or "even" column...0 = EVEN, 1 = ODD
Local $MARK_MAX = -1472
;this is the 'bottom edge' of the map (2048 x 2048)...value is MAP Y size (2048) - 'MAP_WINDOW' Y ($MapHeight) size (576)...map must be moved this value to 'scroll up'...
Local $X_adjust = 40
Local $Y_adjust = 42
Local $MARK_X_START = 49.75 ;start X PLOT for "1st" BEACON...
Local $MARK_Y_START = 2 ;start Y PLOT for "1st" BEACON...

For $x = 0 To UBound($BEACON) - 1
if $x <> 0 Then
if $MARK_Y_PLOT > $MARK_MAX Then $MARK_Y_PLOT += $Y_adjust
     ;$MARK_Y_PLOT > $MARK_MAX (add another Plus sign "below"...)
$MARK_mover += 1
if $MARK_mover > 1 Then $MARK_mover = 0
if $MARK_mover == 0 Then $MARK_Y_PLOT += ($Y_adjust / 2)
$MARK_COUNT += 1; //increase counter...
EndIf ;$MARK_YPLOT <= $MARK_MAX (begin a new column...)
EndIf ;$x NOT 0
$BEACON[$x] = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Program Files\AppX\Plus.gif", $MARK_X_PLOT, $MARK_Y_PLOT, 11, 11, $SS_NOTIFY)
EndIf ;$MARK_COUNT <= $MAP_COLUMNS...(not enough BEACONS placed...keep going)
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