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Autoit script not identifying pop up window in remote machine

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Could some one please help me?

I am trying to upload a file by clicking on Browse button and then choosing a file from Browser pop up window.

I tried below code (Which works fine if i run same code in my local machine but in Remote machine Open pop up window is not identifying by autoit script)

WinActivate("........ - Mozilla Firefox");

Local $X=360;

Local $Y=475;

Local $saveFileName=".........xml";

;MsgBox(0,"Args::",$CmdLine[1] & " " & $CmdLine[2] & " " & $CmdLine[3]);

;Local $X = $CmdLine[1];

;Local $Y = $CmdLine[2];

;Local $saveFileName = $CmdLine[3];



WinWait("Open"); //If I run same script using webdriver in remote machine then Open window is

//not identifying and passing filename


ControlSetText ("Open","",1148,$saveFileName);



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