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Udf Selector Now Udf Manager

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Once was UDF Selector but now it has what I feel is a more fitting name of UDF Manager.


1.3.0(10th Mar. 2004)

-Added the edit function. Now you can edit a UDF.

-Renamed the program to UDF Manager.

-Added radiobox like functionality for the tabs instead of buttons.

-Rearranged and cleaned up the code a lot.

UDF Manager

Any thoughts, questions, suggestions?

red :whistle:

P.S. this will probably be the last major update unless someone has a good idea of a feature to implement.

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Crap...I made all the fixes, but I did it at work and didn't upload the program. I won't be there until a week from this Monday. Sorry guys. If you want to fix the one you have with $Title. Then replace all $Title with $WindowTitle.

Thanks for the compliments I will get the new one up next week. :iamstupid:

Baby coming on Monday. :whistle:


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Red, I post you some suggestions:

Maybe, maybe would can be interesting... B)

- Improv.: In the search section, a text when the string searched wasn't found.

- Change: Read only combo boxes (only in cases needed for user inputs)

- Add: Small history of strings recently searched (Combo box editable instead Edit control).

- Add: Status bar (Label text), for example for show the actual path UDF's.(for copy)

- Or copy path button.

- Add: A text displaying the number version's.

- Add: A section for a list of recent UDF or most included.

Ok, only are suggestions/comments. :whistle:

Good luck! :angry:

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Excellent ideas. I will add them soon. Right now I need to spend time with the new baby. :whistle: Took a long time to come, 2 days, finally ended up doing a c-section. But wife is doing great and baby Isacc is doing great. B)


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A few days old and already you spell his name wrong...

Not only did I do it here and in an e-mail but I did it on the baby announcements also. Crap!! luckily they redid them for me. I blame it on exhaustion. :whistle:

If you want to see what he looks like plus the proud mama and papa go to here:



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