Updated: 7/30/12 OLD CONTENT BELOW Intro: When working on multiple projects and building documentation, taking screenshots, editing them, and then inserting them into files eats up some time. This little program helps to reduce some of that time by auto-opening your screen capture in the editor of your choice while having the ability to auto-save the captures in a sequenced file naming pattern. Installation: Run the Screen Edit vx.x.exe installer. You are given a few different options for installation including setting up the shortcuts and the auto-start on login.After the installation is complete, you can either have it start right away, or manually start it via the program menu or shortcuts if applicable. Comes packed with an uninstaller. Instructions: Use your 'Print Screen' button to capture anything on your desktop. If a specific window has focus (you're actively using it), it will capture that window. If no window has focus, it will capture all of your desktops. To do this, just left-click in some empty space on your desktop and it will remove focus from all windows. This also works on multi-monitor setups. Alternatively, you can use 'ALT + Print Screen' to capture your entire default desktop (from your Default monitor).Upon performing either action, your captured image will automatically open in your editor (by default, this will be Microsoft Paint).If you have the save feature enabled in the configuration, a numbered file will be created. Every subsequent capture will create a new file in sequential order. You can also change the naming scheme of the files in the configuration as well. This is great when you're working on documentation for multiple projects and need a sequence of screenshots. To access the configuration, click on the tray icon for Screen Edit.exe and click 'Edit Configuration File'. The configuration settings include: Changing the default capture file location Auto-Save screen captures Changing the file name scheme Changing your default editor/viewer Changing the JPEG quality of the captured image Testing the output of the captured image with the current configuration Changing the Auto-Launch options To exit the application, click on the tray menu for Screen Edit.exe and click 'Exit'. Changes in version 1.1 Download Links: