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Hi folks,

I'm by no means an expert; however, i can muddle through computing related things quite well having invested time in my younger days figuring things out and experimenting. I'm setting myself the task of writing a simple executable to automate some of the repetitive processes performed at work. I have previously used AutoMate which is superbly simple; however, the cost of licenses renders this option out.

One feature i used in automate which aided in overcoming a number of obstacles was to wait for a specific pixel to meet a colour requirement before a task continued. I think the command im looking for is described here " but would appreciate any further assistance.

/If i wanted a script to wait for a specific pixel to change colour before continuation of a task (e.g. 500,500 turning yellow) how would i ascertain the exact co-ordinates and colour code and turn this into a working line of code?

As i say, im not great at this but i feel if i can get my head around this part, achieving my initial aim should be quite straight forward so if anyone is able to advice id appreciate it!

A simple example of how i might use this is as follows:

Func F5()
MouseClick("left", 250, 150, 1, 0)
     MouseClick("left", 450, 450, 1, 0)
     MouseClick("left", 650, 650, 1, 0)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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