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Querying the Display Name without AD

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I have a script that references the user's name. Currently, I'm doing that with a vbscript that queries AD. But I'm having a problem when a machine is on a different domain than the user. Thinking about it a little further, my script wouldn't work for anyone who's offline or otherwise cannot contact a DC.

Surely there's a way to find the current Display Name, since it shows up quite clearly right at the top of the Start Menu.

Any ideas?

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when you say "Display Name" and that it "shows up quite clearly right at the top of the Start Menu." you mean the currently logged in user?


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I'm sure it's sored somwhere in the cached credentials - loot in that direction.

Post what you find out because I'm sure this is interesting to sonme others as well. :)

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I would think you could do a simple call to WMI? Something like:

$WMI = ObjGet("WinMgmts:root/cimv2")
$colQuery1 = $WMI.ExecQuery("Select UserName FROM Win32_ComputerSystem")

For $item In $colQuery1
    $ID = $item.UserName

$colQuery2 = $WMI.ExecQuery("Select * FROM Win32_NetworkLoginProfile")

For $object In $colQuery2
    If $object.Name = $ID Then
        MsgBox(0, "", $object.Fullname)

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