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Reading and reporting RAM [SOLVED - bad variable assignment]

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I am creating a little script that displays the current RAM in "#### MB" format but am having issues.

The function for which I set the $RAM variable is this.

$RAM = GetRAM()

Func GetRAM()
$Ramvar = MemGetStats()
$Ram1 = $Ramvar[1] / 1024
$Ram2 = StringSplit($Ram1, ".")
$Ram3 = $Ram2[1] & " MB"
Return $Ram3

While it ConsoleWrites the correct value, when I call it with GUICtrlCreateLabel, all I get is the number 9(Not even one of the numbers in the console.)

Also I was trying to make it shorter with something like this but it doesn't even write a value to the console, and I still get a 9.

$Ramvar = MemGetStats()
$Ram1 = StringSplit(($Ramvar[1] / 1024), ".") & " MB"

So does anyone know the cause of the 9 or why it stops writing to the console?

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Post the code where you set the label and we might see what's wrong.

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Sorry guys figured it out. I had used the $RAM variable to create a different GUI Label...I feel stupid. Thanks for your help though.

Danyfirex, for the record all that did was remove the " MB" portion for some reason.

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