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i try get text from Quinnect application:

see details here:


and the download is here:


here is my code:

WinActivate ('Quinnect',"")
WinWaitActive ('Quinnect',"")
$hHandle = WinGetHandle('Quinnect')
$var = ControlGetText($hHandle, '', '[CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:5]')
ConsoleWrite($var & @CRLF)

but i get in Console "pnState".

i want get the "Ready for connection" text.

thanks for any your help

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Maybe this could simplify your approach:

WinActivate ('[TITLE:Quinnect]',"")
$hHandle = WinWaitActive ('Quinnect',"")
$var = ControlGetText($hHandle, '', '[CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:5]')
ConsoleWrite($var & @CRLF)
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:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


My Current OS: Win8 PRO (64-bit); Current AutoIt Version: v3.3.8.1

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:think: I'm just getting suspicious (I think Quinnect uses some other GUI API)... What does AU3Info Tool tell about the Quinnect Window?


:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


My Current OS: Win8 PRO (64-bit); Current AutoIt Version: v3.3.8.1

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