This UDF is now part of AutoIt since New versions of Microsoft Office have been released since the last changes were made to the Excel UDF. The new extensions (e.g. xlsx) are not (fully) supported, new functions are missing etc.
The rewrite of the Excel UDF delivers changes in the following areas: Works with as many instances of Excel as you like - not just one Works with any Workbook - not just the active one Works with any Worksheet - not just the active one Only does what you tell it to do - no implicit "actions" Only one function to read from a cell or a range Only one function to write a string, an 1D or 2D array to a cell or a range Support for every file format Excel supports Speed enhancements when transferring data from/to an Excel sheet (20 - 100 times faster) 2014-03-22 - Beta 5
Known bugs None The example scripts have been tested with Excel 2010 and AutoIt on Windows 7.
You need to run the scripts with the latest AutoIt production version (3.3.10.x)!
Please test with Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 and post changes you need/want to see in the next beta version!
Excel Rewrite Beta has been removed as it is now part of AutoIt since (627 downloads) History.txt