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XML DOM Wrapper UDF Question

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I`m doing a product database for my firm with an automatic upload of the product list in a XML format that my online shop works with.

i need help to find a way to modify a node value and ,from what i can make of it, i cant use the DOM Wrapper UDF to do this

or at least could some one provide me with a list of commands that a DOM object suports.(i`m not very good at java scripting)

i tryed the direct approach ( $objNode.nodeValue="value" ) and it doesnt work

this is a sample of the XML i`m working with , and i need to modify the value of the price tag of a specific product id

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

thanx in advance...

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Good morning,

I think this topic is appropriate to ask a silly(?) doubt I have regarding the XML DOM wrapper:

- There is a xml file from the web which has around 11 mb, but I only want to fetch one specific node. Is it possible with the wrapper to fetch a specific node (through adding attributes to the URL), where I only download that specific node and not the entire file?

Kind regards,


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