Global $windows = WinList("[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]") opt("MouseCoordMode",2) Local $rows = InputBox("Aantal vensters", "integer") Local $i = 1 Local $j = 1 Local $x = InputBox("Aantal URL's","integer") While $j <= $x While $i < $rows + 1 Local $handle = $windows[$i][1] WinActivate (HWnd($handle)) ControlClick(HWnd($handle),"[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]","left",1,1551,81) $i = $i + 1 WEnd $j = $j + 1 sleep(40000) Wend I have several instances of FF open each with another name. Thats why I use the handles which i get through WinList. On each different window i want to simply click on a certain place. For some reason I cant get this working with my code. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!