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InetGetSize stucks at the 3rd call


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During some tests I have found that at the 3rd call of the InetGetSize function the script freezes for two minutes and the function returns 0, it's regardless to the download link. Even after if I try to call the function it freezes again.

Here is the script in question : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?va4o4tfnln1sscl

The function is at the line 819, here is what I have :

error: 13, extended: 12002 //ERROR_WINHTTP_TIMEOUT ?

To reproduce the issue you need to start 3 downloads.

It does not make any sense as It works fine on the previous version and I don't see what can cause the problem.

Tested on WinXP and Seven, latest production and beta.

Thanks for any help;

Br, Firefox.

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Can't you write simple reproducer?

Unfortunatly no. As I said it works on the previous version of my script.

I posted it here in case someone know the problem.

I will have to rebuild the new version on the old one until I get the issue and I will reply here.

Br, Firefox.

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