I have a single directory that I store stuff in and in that directory are sub directories with stuff stored in them. Those directories will contain a video file and a bunch of other garbage files. There may also be a sample video file in that directory as well. I am wanting to create a script that I can pass a directory to it and then have it clean that directory out of the garbage. The files that can be in that directory are .txt files internet shortcut files and a sample video file or directory. I want to keep the main video file and one other file which can be a .nfo file if that is present. This doesn't have to have a gui as it will be called from another program so a cmd line window would be fine. Now if autoit is not what I need then please let me know and I will move on to find something else. This was recommended to me based on what I am using. Thanks for taking the time to look at this and having paitence with a beginner.