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Delete folder and subfolders

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Hello all

I try to delete a folder and all subfolders

i used the fonction DirRemove(folderpatch, 1)

In the help file, the value 1 force the remove of all subfolders

but it doesn't work

All the subfolders and files in it are wet here

So the parent folder is not deleted

Is there someone who know how can i delete all

Please help me


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DirRemove works for me, are you sure you are using it correctly

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i have resolve my issue by a fichier batch

with command rd /S /Q folder

this command dos delete folder, files and all subfolders

if someone konw another issue


RD /S /Q will not work on windows 98 or NT 4.0. I don't know about ME or 2000. The older versions of windows used the DELTREE command instead.
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Windows 9x-based systems:

cd <dir>
del /s/q *.*
cd ..
rd <dir>

Windows NT-based systems:

del /f/s/q <dir>\*.*
rd <dir>

I'm sure there's some DLL that's been around since Win95 that would probably provide an object-oriented way to do this.

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