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can not backup windows 8 64 bit using GImageX

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I normally use my bootable usb with WinPE3 + GImageX to backup many PCs running XP or window7 without any problem,

Today I try to backup/capture a windows 8 64 bit machine, but GImageX keep displaying

INFO: C: Program Files ........................[err=282]

INFO: C: Program Files.........................[err=282]

If you know to know to resolve this problem , let me know. TIA.

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Sorry , but there is no board for GImageX, so I posted here.

There is no script involved here. just GImageX app , I downloaded from this site.

[update] I have verified that the current ImageX that included inside GImageX is broken with Windows 8 64-bit.

I used ImageX from Windows 8 ADK and it works fine!

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The 282 message is just a warning that extended attributes won't be captured - this is how ImageX / DISM work but they just hide the messages. I've uploaded a new version that doesn't spam you with this warnings. I tested it on Win8 x64 this morning and it seems to capture correctly.

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