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AutoIt v3 Beta [v3.0.80]

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- Changed: Number to String conversions tweaked

- Fixed: Massive bug fixed with arrays introduced in 3.0.76

- Fixed: Line continuation crash

- Changed: (Internal) script reading code updated for Aut2Exe and merged with AutoIt


- Added: Lines can be continued over many lines - use _ at the end of a line to continue it (as VBScript)

- Added: Single line IF statements possible

- Changed: Maximum line length (including total of combined lines) increased from 1023 to 4095 characters.

- Changed: "Then" keyword in IF statements no longer optional (helps with single line IFs)


MsgBox(0, "Test", "This is some text _

And more text _

And even more text")


- Changed: Variants work differently - no longer a seperate INTEGER type

- Changed: Float() changed to Number()

All numbers now 15digit precision (internal C double type)

Also affects Random() you will get floating point numbers back unless you use Int()

with the result

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