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Configuring System Restore via Autoit

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to create a script that will automate the settings for System Restore. I am able to open the System Protection settings via command script on Administrator access level, but I'm not able to do that via Autoit by doing a Run("systempropertiesprotection.exe"). I'll only see the "Computer Name", "Advanced" and "Remote" tabs, but I won't see the "Hardware" and "System Protection" tabs.

Likewise, I tried creating a cmd script that will open the System Protection menu, but I'm still not able to open the full details of the System Properties even when I run the cmd script via Autoit, such as Run("OpenSystemProtection.cmd")

Is there a restriction on the access of settings for the System Properties via autoit, or something along that line?

ShellExecute("systempropertiesprotection.exe","" , "C:\Windows\System32\")



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Well, I'm trying to access the configure button so that I can modify the settings to create a System Restore for the C: drive.

As shown in the picture below. Because the settings within that Configure options are only set to "Only restore previous versions of files". I need to change it to "Restore system settings and previous version of files".

Posted Image

I don't really need to create a restore point for now though. But I need to modify the settings. Is there any way I can get to set the configuration settings for System Restore?

Sorry if I didn't state my intentions clearer in the beginning. :sweating:

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