I have for years been thinking that one day I'll get good enough at scripting to make use of my computer the way I would like. I have been aware of the possibility existing for a long time, but not able - too dumb - don't get it. So we do not have support for UTF-8. Okay that's fine, but what's the work-around. There's always a work around. So here we have a very common set of chars used worlld wide by as many people as speak the English language (if not more). Entry points: 0x1D100 to 0x1D1FF See link : http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1D100.pdf So the battle goes on between users and developers. I, being a user, who is trying to get the computer to say hello world. Sure I can speak Hex, it's the computer that's stubborn, not me. Does anyone knoiw how I can display these symbols?