Hi everyone, I'm having trouble getting reference to a button, im not sure which part of <input class="change-confirm-button id-button-yes green_btn_big" type="button"value="yes" ></input> I'm meant to include and which parametre to include it in am I using the correct IE fuct? I want my script to run then click _IEaction perhaps focus and then click this button so i want any propertie of the button that can be recognizes then have those commands sent to it there is also <input class="change-confirm-button id-button-no grey_btn_big" type="button"value="no" ></input> but if i reference to the button i only want it to click the "yes" button can i get the input class and then reference it to just the yes ? and if so how do i make it recognize the yes? contained in <div class="id-container-buttons" I tryed playing around with _IEgetobjbyname and such, but im not sure there's even a name present