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NavPane ControlSize using RegKey -Suggestion Please-

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I have posted lots times ago to know how using RegWrite.
The hope was to write this my small script.
Now i expose on forum a different question

;----My script----

local $RegLocation1 = "HKUS-1-5-21-1910003253-1007278638-1873172583-500SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerModulesGlobalSettingsSizer"
local $RegLocation2 = "HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerCIDOpenModulesGlobalSettingsSizer"
local $Key_SinglePane = "0xfc000000000000000000000039030000"
local $Key = RegRead($RegLocation1, "PageSpaceControlSizer")

If $Key<>$Key_SinglePane then
    RegWrite($RegLocation2, "PageSpaceControlSizer", "REG_BINARY", $Key)
    RegWrite($RegLocation1, "PageSpaceControlSizer", "REG_BINARY", $Key_SinglePane)
    local $Key = RegRead($RegLocation2, "PageSpaceControlSizer")
    RegWrite($RegLocation1, "PageSpaceControlSizer", "REG_BINARY", $Key)


I have create this script that permit me to obtain approximately same effect
of manual click on icon: 

" Organize --> LayoUT --> NavPane " without use of keyboard shortcut using command

-- Send ( "keys" [, flag]) --
under my language: ALT-D .. TAB .. ENTER .. L .. R .. R .. ENTER

Unfortunately I have encountered 3 problems:

1) To take effect I must do one of this choice
   - Start New session of Windows Explorer ...or....
   - Change Directory of the explorer session that i'm using

There is not a method to take immediately effect without Close/Re-Open explorer session or change actual directory in order to obtain the same effect as click on "Original Microsoft Icon" ?
I have proved with Refresh F5 but nothing to do.
How Windows Explorer immediately Refresh itself without close itself or change actual directory ?

2) The script correctly runs under all directories except if i am into "ROOT".
  Here in that position don't take effect. (Windows NavPane runs also in this position)

3) If I use before Windows NavPane Icon and obtaining single window (without TreePanel on left)
and only then I run my script, there is no effect.  I must click again on Windows NavPane Icon

to permit sript to take effect

Have you some suggestion?

Tank you very much.


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